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With over 600,000 products from over 2,500 global suppliers, we have all the parts you need so you don't have to worry about calling around lots of separate or specialist suppliers.

There's no limit to the number of quotes you can request, so why don't you enjoy up to a minimum of 5% discount on a quote with a minimum price of PHP 32,000.

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  1. This offer is NOT applicable to Test and Measurement, all Fluke, Raspberry Pi branded products and 3D printers (3D Brands include RepRapPro, Ultimaker, 3D Systems). 3D printer exclusion extends to Scanners, Software and Filaments from RS, Verbatim and 3D Systems.
  2. This promotion is open to Philippines account customers only and excludes employees and their immediate families of RS Components Ltd, its agents and anyone professionally connected with this promotion. RS deals only with the company and not with individual employees.
  3. Prices shown online are inclusive of the specified discounts. No further discounts will be applied.
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  5. RS reserves the right to change the promotional offers and prices at any time.
  6. RS will refuse to validate and redeem any claim not in accordance with these terms and conditions.
  7. Exclusive only first order. Company reserve the right to cancel or reject the discount value if the order condition is not qualified.
  8. RS accepts no responsibility for products not received by the customer. See RS Conditions of Sale on the RS website.
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