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    Linear Test & Measurement

    Browse our range of linear test and measurement equipment includes linear counters, linear gauges, linear scale input cables, linear scales from manufacturers like Mitutoyo and our own quality RS Pro brand.

    What is Linear measurement?

    Linear measurement refers to the measurement of a straight distance between two points, usually, this is a dimensional reference such as length, height or width of an object.

    Units of linear measurement

    Measurements are usually taken in a standard unit format is in metric or imperial units. The imperial system uses inches, feet, and yards. Whereas the metric system uses millimetres, centimetres and meters.

    Measuring tools for linear measurement

    There are a number of different instruments that are used for linear measuring. They can be classified into two methods of measuring, direct and indirect. Some instruments can be further defined as graduated instruments, as they have a linear scale on them used to take the measurement. Tools can be selected based on the application, the size of the distance or object being measured and the levels of precision required. Some popular types of products include:

    • Linear Scales - these scales are capable of measuring accurately mass, volume and distance of an object. Linear scales are great for improving machine efficiency and reliability.
    • Linear Gauges - use a horizontal scale for measurement, similar to a thermometer. It displays the data between a minimum and maximum values along the scale that is user defined.
    • Linear Scale Input Cables - connects the measuring devices to a computer with no installing additional software.
    • Linear Counter - supporting other linear measurement equipment, prodominately linear scales. Allows for quick and easy-to-read outputs. Used in applications that require precise measurements.