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    Bearings & Seals

    Bearings are the key to allowing rotation or linear movement within non-mechanical devices, while also limiting friction. They are designed with precise tolerances that allow several components to move together with minimal friction. Also, it is very vital in allowing rotation and linear movement within mechanical devices - like a lift chair or wheelchair - as well as helping to prevent catastrophic failure. Industrial seals prevent contamination and harmful particles from penetrating the gap of your bearings. They also serve as a back-up for lubrication, seal out dust, prevent leakage, and hold pressure.

    Types of Bearings and Industrial Sealings in RS Components

    We at RS Components have various types of bearings and sealings stock to suit many industrial requirements. Some of our bearing and sealings include:

    Since industrial sealings are crucial in preventing leakage, holding pressure, and deflecting contamination RS Components offers a wide range of sealings for industrial applications. Be it static seals or dynamic interfaces, we have a range of industrial seal options. Some of the industrial sealings we offer include:

    • Gaskets sheets - A flexible material that seals interfaces by conforming to the imperfections of two different surfaces.
    • Gaskets & O-rings - Capable of joining two parts of a machine, these are often used in mechanical assemblies to prevent particles, vapour or fluids from leaking. This will protect and maintain the pressure to ensure proper function and safety.

    The Best Mechanical Bearings And Seal Supplier

    RS Components is your one-stop supplier of high-grade mechanical bearings and seals for industrial engineering purposes. When it comes to our range of bearings and seals for industrial use, we stock a vast range of gaskets, packings and bearings for use in power transmission assemblies and maintenance. Our full product range is sourced from quality manufacturers and mechanical seal suppliers like Klinger, Patlite, Loctite, Paulstra, and Freudenberg Sealing Technologies Simrit, plus our added value in-house RS PRO line.