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    Ear Protection

    Ear protection is vitally important when you are in a noisy environment, it helps to avoid any of those ringing noises from exposure to loud noises and without risking the effectiveness of your ears in the long term.Ear protection is an essential requirement against noise exposure both level and duration of exposure. Different types of ear protection include ear defenders, electronic ear defenders and earplugs. It is important that the right type of equipment is selected to allow for safe noise reduction and communication.Our ear defenders offer a lightweight fitment with hearing protection up 39 dB. All ear defenders offer a foam cup for comfort around the ear for prolonged use. Communicating ear defenders offer all the protection whilst giving you the option to listen to music when working and communicating with colleagues.If you require something more discrete, then a pair of earplugs could be perfect. We offer many types of earplugs from foam, which moulds to the inside of your ear or E-A-R™ Tracers™ tri-flanged earplug that offers substantial ear protection.Whether you need a set of earplugs for cutting the grass or some electronic ear defenders for communicating within a noisy factory, RS has a huge variety of products and protection levels that you require.RS has a large range of hearing protection products from some of the leading brands such as 3M, Peltor, JSP, Alpha Solway and our very own brand RS PRO to make sure that all your safety requirements are covered.Products within the Ear Protection range actively support healthy buildings as per the guidance of the 9 elements of a healthy building from IOSH. Specific healthy building elements covered by this range is Noise.