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    Air Conditioning & Fans

    Electric Fans

    We supply a comprehensive range of electric fans for almost every application from desk fans to high-capacity axial plate fans and centrifugal blowers. Air conditioning and fans are both methods used to cool indoor spaces, but they operate in different ways.

    Fans circulate air without changing its temperature. Fans work by creating airflow, which can provide a cooling sensation by increasing the rate of evaporation from the skin. They are portable, affordable, and require less energy than air conditioners. Fans are commonly used to supplement air conditioning or in smaller spaces where cooling needs are limited.

    Air Conditioning Units

     Air conditioning units help to keep rooms at a comfortable temperature. Air conditioning units work by drawing in the warm air and then cooling it before then recirculating the cool air back into the room.

     Air Purifiers Air Purifiers clean and sanitise the air which contains toxins, pollutants and allergens

     Axial Fans An axial fan is a device that creates airflow by using a motor to rotate an impeller housed within a frame. The circulating blades draw air into the fan and expel it on the same parallel axis as the spinning shaft, thus the term axial

    Portable Fans Portable Fans are fans that can be moved easily from place to place, ideal for offices and homes, Portable fans types are box fans, desk fans, tower fans and floor fans

     Ceiling Fans A Ceiling fan is a fan on the ceiling which rotates air to cool you down. 

    Extractor Fans Extractor fans remove moisture, fumes and smells they can be used in different locations such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and wet rooms.

    Centrifugal Fans Centrifugal fans work by drawing the air toward the centre of the fan and then discharging it at a predictable 90-degree angle from the direction of air intake The main components of a centrifugal fan are the motor and the impeller. An impeller sucks or pulls air, in contrast to a propeller which pushes air

    Filter Fans Filter Fans suck air through a filter trapping dust, dirt and particles so the air is much cleaner. Filter fans are used in control panels, junction boxes, automation equipment and power equipment. 

    Products within the Air Conditioning & Fans range actively support a healthy building as per the guidance of the 9 elements of a healthy building from IOSH. Specific healthy building elements covered by this range is Air Quality