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    Hi Vis Clothing

    Hi Vis clothing is a key part of personal protective equipment and having the correct type of high visibility workwear is essential in many industries to help prevent accidental injury.

    What is Hi Vis clothing?

    High visibility clothing is typically a highly luminescent colour that is easily distinguishable from any background and is designed to make sure the wearer is visible even in poor lighting conditions. Reflective tape bands can be included on the clothing to further enhance visibility, especially at night.

    What types of Hi Vis workwear is available?

    There is a range of Hi Vis clothing and workwear available including:

    • Hi Vis vests
    • Jackets
    • T-shirts
    • Polo shirts
    • Long sleeve shirts
    • Hoodies
    • Fleeces
    • Coveralls
    • Trousers

    The Hi Vis material can offer other protective and safety features such as being fire retardant or anti-static. The clothing can be waterproof or windproof for outdoor use, and jackets and trousers can be lined for added comfort. These properties are useful for different types of job requirements whether being used for health and safety purposes in the construction, manufacturing, or transport industries, or to maintain visibility in adverse weather conditions and low light environments.