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    Temperature Test & Measurement

    Temperature is a constantly changing parameter that needs to be monitored regularly to ensure safe and optimum performance, so we stock a wide range of temperature measurement products ranging from basic glass thermometers to high specification thermal imaging cameras to help you manage temperature monitoring and record accurate measurements.

    What types of temperature measurement devices are available?

    To help determine the product you may require, here are some popular temperature measuring devices:Thermal imaging cameras - use infrared radiation as visible light on the screen to allow users to see where there are hot or cold spots. They can be used in any level of lighting. Most of the time, the cameras are handheld and can have improved communication features such as wireless connectivity. As an example, this allows a user to send an image to a skilled engineer when troubleshooting.Digital thermometers – feature a digital display for easy, visual reading. They use sensors and probes to measure temperatures more accurately than traditional mercury thermometers. They're usually easy to transport, and some will offer both Fahrenheit and Celsius readings.Infrared thermometers – determine the temperature by recording the thermal radiation, this is a contactless method. They're easy to use, and provide fast readouts with high accuracy. Some of the most common uses for IR thermometers include checking for hot and cold spots in a home that may determine leakage of air, or they can detect hot spots on electrical circuit boards.Temperature probes - attach to a measurement device, such as a digital thermometer or a thermostat. The probe measures the temperature of an area that it is in, then provides an accurate and fast measurement of the temperature.Liquid in glass thermometers – the most well-known type of thermometer. They feature a glass tube that contains a bulb filled with mercury at one end, usually red or silver. As the temperature increases, the mercury rises through the tube and a reading can be taken from the scale.Temperature Calibrators - measures temperature through bi-metals, creating a small amount of voltage when they are combined. They're categorised into 3 types; drywell calibrators, RTD calibrators and thermocouple calibrators.Products within the Temperature Test & Measurement range actively support healthy buildings as per the guidance of the 9 elements of a healthy building from IOSH. Specific healthy building elements covered by this range is Thermal Health