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    Industrial Robots

    The RS range of robot hardware and related accessories has everything you need to build and create your robotics solution. With a selection of robot kit components, standalone programmable bench robots, and robot spares, the RS offer allows customization and innovation for your workplace needs.

    The RS robot selection is also supported with a comprehensive range of robotics-related industry and machine components, including light guarding, power supply, motors, controllers, PLC, sensors, pneumatics and power transmission components. We offer the technology and support you need to modernize your manufacturing processes and development potential, assuring your readiness for next generation demands.

    Industrial Robots

    Typically designed to work independently from direct human control, autonomous robot technology such as gantry robots and robot arms are at the heart of automised manufacturing. Industrial robots such as service robots are the perfect solution for tasks too complex or arduous for human operators. With endless applications in automotive, laboratory and smart warehousing applications, industrial robotics is an exciting and ever-growing field.

    Collaborative Robots

    Sometimes known as cobots, these machines are designed for human-robot collaboration spaces. Working sequentially with human operators, or even responsive in real-time to human motion, cobots such as robotic arms are ideal for working alongside human interaction. Enhancing hands-on work processes beyond human limits, collaborative robots can increase performance and efficiency and help to build a better workplace. Future proof your workshop with collaborative robot technology solutions.

    Educational Robots

    Preparing kids and young adults for the technology of the future with a range of purpose-built kits and robotics for educational purposes, including human-controlled robots and programmable mobile robots. Drawing robots are ideal for testing motion programming in a fun and creative way, while app enabled robots allow endless exciting ways to develop programming skills. Create, innovate, and explore with these high quality and versatile robotic solutions.