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    Memory Chips

    At RS, we have an extensive range of memory chips available in stock from popular Semiconductor brands including Microchip, AMIC Technology, Atmel, Cypress Semiconductor and Micron.

    What are memory chips?

    A memory chip processes code or is used for the storage of information in computers and is made from a vast amount of capacitors and transistors.

    What types of memory chips are there?

    There are various types of memory chips available, and which one you choose very much depends on the application.

    Random Access Memory (RAM) varieties include:

    • Read-only memory (ROM) varieties include: Static RAM
    • Dynamic RAM
    • Non-volatile static RAM
    • Non-volatile RAM
    • Ferroelectric RAM

    Read-only memory (ROM) varieties include:

    • Mask ROM
    • Electrically erasable programmable ROM
    • Erasable programmable ROM
    • Programmable ROM
    • Flash

    More information about memory chips

    Memory chips are split into two categories: primary and secondary memory.

    Primary memory chips give information directly to the CPU and give you quick access to the data stored on it. RAM, or random access memory, is an excellent example of these types of chips.

    A CPU can't directly access the information stored on a secondary memory chip, so they tend to be used for storing data in the long-term. This type of chip also has a larger capacity and examples include hard disks and optical drives.