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    Hammers & Demolition

    Looking for a hammer? You've hit the nail on the head. We have a great selection of hammers, mallets, punches, chisels and demolition bars from our own brand RS Pro as well as trusted manufacturers such as Stanley, Facom and Bahco.

    Types of hammers and their uses

    Hammers are a very common type of tool, with at least one type being present in most tool boxes or home. They range from traditional simple design to more specialist design for specific uses. Hammers usually all comprise the same basic components of a handle, head and face that vary in design and material. Some have more elements such as a grip, claw or hook. Some popular hammer types include:

    • Ball pein hammer - feature a rounded head and typically have handles made of wood. Usually used with rivets or to shape metal.
    • Claw hammer - have a flat face on one end of the head and a claw shape that is used to remover and lever out nails.
    • Lump hammer - also known as a club hammer and similar in design to a sledgehammer with a shorter handle, ideal for light demolition work.
    • Mallet - designed to deliver powerful impactful blows without damaging the materials or operator. Available in different materials with soft and hard faces including, rubber, brass and steel.

    Types of chisels and their uses

    • Chisels are used to primarily cut or carve a hard material such as metal, stone or wood when struck with a tool like a mallet. They are available individually or as chisel sets in various sizes.
    • Bolster chisel - similar in design to cold chisels but have a wider cutting edge.
    • Cold chisel - for use with unheated metal, they can have different head profiles including flat, half round, cross-cut and diamond.
    • Masonry chisel - used with concrete and brick.
    • Mortise chisel - ideal for cutting out deep holes.
    • Point chisels - for cutting through concrete.

    Types of punches and their uses

    • Centre punches - ideal for making large indentations in metal when a drill point is.
    • Drive punch - have a flat face and can be used to drive out damaged rivets and bolts.
    • Pin punches - have a straight shaft and can be used with pins or bolts that are being driven out.
    • Punch pliers - used to punch holes in soft metals and fabrics.