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    Suspension Files

    A folder is a piece of stationery designed for storing, organising or protecting A4 documents. Folders are available in a range of colours and styles to suit different filing requirements

    Type of folders

    Suspension Folder: A suspension or hanging folder features a metal strip across the top terminated either end with hooks. These hooks allow the folder to be suspended from the rails of a filing cabinet. A clear plastic tab can be inserted onto the metal strip for labelling purposes. Suspension folders are sometimes referred to as manilla folders as they were traditionally made from manilla hemp.

    Document Wallets: These are made from coloured transparent PVC with a single top right opening. These folders are ideal for storing a single or small number of documents. Document wallets can also take the form of pockets which are sealed on three sides with an opening at the top. The sides of these wallets feature a pre-punched strip enabling them to be inserted into lever arch files.

    Document Folder: These are made from cardboard and have a single fold over flap and are a simple way of storing documents.

    Three Flap Document Folder: These are made from cardboard and have a flap at the top and the bottom and the right-hand side to keep the document secure. When the folder is closed, built in elastic bands are stretched over the corners to hold the folder securely together.

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