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    A wall box is a secure enclosure that is mounted onto a wall. Also known as wall-mounted enclosures, electrical wall boxes, or wall mounted electrical boxes, they feature a door or lid for access. Some wall mounted enclosures are lockable for security. With a wide range of IP ratings, the enclosures are suitable for outdoor and indoor use and can withstand high impacts.

    Wall boxes are available in a variety of sizes, materials, wall mount types and storage solutions. There is a wall-mounted enclosure and accessory to suit your needs.

    RS offer a range of good suppliers such as Rittal, Schnieder and Hammond amongst many others, There is also a good variety of IP Rated wall boxes.

    Common Materials & Build of Wall Boxes

    Wall boxes come in various materials, sizes, and mount types to suit different applications and environments, like plastic or stainless steel wall boxes. Whether you need a durable solution for industrial settings to house electrical components, or a lightweight option for residential use, there is a wall box to fit your needs. Here are some common materials and sizes available at RS Philippines:

    Wall Boxes Materials

    Stainless Steel:

    • Highly durable and resistant to corrosion.
    • A stainless steel wall box is ideal for outdoor use as a weatherproof wall box due to its excellent resistance to harsh environmental conditions.


    • Lightweight and easy to install.
    • Suitable for indoor applications but may not be as weatherproof as a metal wall box.


    • Offers a good balance of strength and weight.
    • Can be used outdoors but may require additional weatherproofing measures compared to metal wall boxes.

    Sizes of Wall Boxes Available

    Small Wall Boxes:

    • Designed for applications such as light switches or thermostat controls.
    • Ideal for accommodating small electrical components in residential and commercial settings.

    Medium Wall Boxes:

    • Intended to house a moderate amount of electrical components and wiring.
    • Suitable for various control systems in residential, commercial, and light industrial applications.

    Large Wall Boxes:

    • Specifically designed to handle substantial electrical systems, such as control panels for industrial machinery.
    • Offers ample space and durability for heavy-duty applications in industrial environments.

    Common Mounting Options

    Selecting the appropriate wall mount storage box is essential to ensure stability, accessibility and the safety of the components inside. Choose your mounting options based on the environment the box will be placed in and the load it needs to support:

    • Surface Mounting: Ideal for straightforward installations where the wall box is mounted directly onto a flat surface. This method is best used in environments where accessibility is crucial and frequent maintenance is required. The main advantage is that it is easy to install, versatile, and cost-effective, but it may protrude from the wall, potentially taking up more space.
    • Flush Mounting: Provides a sleek and seamless appearance by mounting the box flush with the wall surface. This option is perfect for residential or commercial settings where aesthetics are important and space is limited. The primary benefit is that it is visually appealing, saves space, and reduces the risk of accidental damage, though it involves a more complex installation process and may require modifications to the wall.
    • Pole Mounting: Suitable for installations where the wall mount box needs to be mounted onto a pole or vertical surface. Ideal for outdoor or industrial environments where the box needs to be elevated or positioned away from walls. The key advantage is that it elevates the box above ground level, offering better protection against water and debris, but it requires additional mounting hardware and can be more challenging to access for maintenance.
    • DIN Rail Mounting: Commonly used in industrial settings, allowing the wall box to be mounted onto DIN rails for easy installation and accessibility. This method is best for environments that require modular and flexible installations, such as factories and control rooms. The main benefit is that it facilitates easy addition or removal of components, making it highly organized and efficient for managing multiple circuits, but it typically requires a more controlled environment and is not suitable for heavy or bulky equipment.

    RS Philippines offers a comprehensive range of mounting accessories for electrical wall boxes, these include:

    • Mounting Plates: Provides a sturdy base for mounting the wall box onto various surfaces.
    • Hinges: Facilitates easy opening and closing of the wall box door for maintenance and access.
    • Mounting Brackets: Supports the wall box and helps distribute the load evenly for added stability.
    • Mounting Bosses: Assists in securely fastening the wall box to the mounting surface.
    • Mounting Kits: Includes all necessary hardware and accessories for convenient installation.
    • DIN Rails: Enables DIN rail-mounted wall boxes to be easily installed and secured.
    • Sealing Plugs: Seal unused openings in the wall box to prevent dust and moisture ingress.
    • Lock Types: Offer quick and easy wall mount installation, enhancing security and protection for valuable contents.

    Uses for Wall Boxes

    Electrical Wall Boxes

    Wall boxes are frequently used to secure access to delicate or potentially dangerous electrical systems such as fuse boxes of power inlets. When it is important to keep electrical systems free from environmental factors such as moisture, for safety and functionally, high IP rated wall boxes are used normally with suitable locks.

    General Purpose Wall Boxes

    Indoor, outdoor, and lockable wall boxes help to provide storage for important or potentially hazardous items. With stainless steel, steel, polyester, plastic, ABS, thermoplastic, aluminum or other metal versions available, the sturdy construction of these wall boxes ensures a high level of security with and without a lock.

    Specialized Environments Wall Boxes

    IP67 wall mounted enclosures are available, with material ensuring protection in hose down environments and even some marine applications with seals for the base and lid or door and are lockable. Weatherproof and industrial wall boxes are also some examples that thrive in special conditions.

    Transparent Doors for Wall Boxes

    Wall mounted enclosures often come in ranges with transparent doors. Although transparent door wall boxes may lower the impact resilience of the box, it allows you to view the contents within the storage box.

    IP Rating of Wall Boxes

    Before purchasing wall boxes, it's essential to consider their IP rating and the impact it has on IP rated enclosure boxes, which indicates the level of protection against environmental factors like dust and water. For instance, an IP65-rated wall box offers complete protection against dust ingress and low-pressure water jets, making it suitable for outdoor use in harsh conditions. Conversely, an IP66-rated wall box provides even higher protection against dust and powerful water jets, ideal for marine environments or areas with heavy rainfall. Choosing the right IP rating ensures the wall box can withstand the specific environmental challenges it will face.

    RS Philippines Wall Boxes

    Looking for high-quality wall boxes in the Philippines? RS offers a wide range of wall boxes suitable for all applications, from wall-mounted electrical boxes to weatherproof IP rated enclosures, to general-purpose storage boxes.

    Explore our selection today to find the perfect wall boxes for your needs. Shop now and ensure secure storage and protection for your equipment and components.

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