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    Push Button Heads

    Push button heads are a key component part of push buttons, which are a simple type of switch mechanism used to control one aspect of a machine or device. They are the part that is pressed to operate the switch, and are often composed of a hard material such as metal or plastic.

    What are push button heads used for?

    The push button head is the part of a push button that is pressed down upon when the button is operated. In an industrial setting, they are often used to start or stop heavy machinery. Push button heads are usually colour coded to make their function clear and sometimes shaped to conform to fingers or hands.

    Types of push button heads

    Push button heads largely vary by material, colour and shape, depending on what you use them for. An emergency stop button, for example may be bright red, with a larger head for quick and easy use in an emergency situation. Buttons for turning machinery on and off may be flat so that they lie flush inside a push button control stationhousing and can't be knocked or used accidentally.

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