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    Logic Adders

    Logic adders are IC (integrated circuits) semiconductor devices that have been designed to perform binary addition in computers and processors.

    What are logic adders?

    Logic Adders are widely used in processors to calculate table indices and addresses. Logic adders perform binary addition and account for values carried in and out as well as performing an addition operation on three one-bit binary numbers.

    Types of logic adders.

    There are two main types of logic adders, a half adder and a full adder. The full adder produces a sum of the three inputs and carries the value. They can be combined with other full adders or work on its own. Logic adders can be composed of other gates and custom transistor-level circuits allowing them to implemented in many different ways. Half adders will perform addition of 2 individual binary digits, A and B and have 2 outputs, sum and carry.

    Applications of logic adders.

    Both half and full adders have a wide range of application use such as;

    • Digital Signal Processing
    • Digital calculators for arithmetic addition
    • Microcontrollers for arithmetic additions, timers and PC (program counter)
    • Computer ALU (arithmetic logic unit) to compute binary addition for CPU and GPU for graphics-based applications.
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