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    Terminal Posts

    Terminal posts (also known as banana plug sockets) are electrical connectors used for joining wires to equipment. They're used in a number of applications such as amplifiers and speaker cables, as well as test and measurement equipment for industrial use.

    How do terminal posts work?

    All terminal posts achieve a snug fit using a spring metal to apply outward force into an unsprung cylindrical jack. This ensures reliable electrical conductivity. Safety bungs are available to fit into the top part of the terminal posts. There are a range of accessories available to use with terminal posts, such as crimp spade connectors.

    Types of terminal posts

    Terminal posts come in a range of colours to suit different applications. They're manufactured from solid brass, nickel or gold plate, with plastic parts moulded from nylon or polypropylene. You can choose between different stud lengths as well as different terminations such as single or dual terminals. Rugged terminal posts are specifically used for PCB mounting (printed circuit board).

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