Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal Imaging Cameras are handheld electronic devices with a visual display, designed for detecting heat energy.
Thermal Imaging Cameras are point-and-shoot, and allow the user to see in an infrared spectrum, interpreting temperature as colour. Warmer areas appear as red and yellow, and cooler areas as purple or blue. This allows engineers to quickly identify sources of heat, which is essential in locating overheating parts. Thermal imaging cameras are also essential for measuring wasted thermal energy and potential gaps in thermal insulation.
Because they measure infrared radiation, and not visible light, thermal imaging cameras are also useful for identifying heat in the dark or hard to see environments, and so are ideal for applications such as:
• Construction
• HVAC systems
• Firefighting
• Search & rescue
• Security camera systems
• Wildlife monitoring
Our thermal imaging cameras come in a variety of ergonomic designs, and offer a range of thermal sensitivity, making them a valuable companion to the service and maintenance engineer.

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