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    Microscope Accessories

    A microscope requires a wide range of accessories to function to its fullest capability. Common microscope accessories include stands, eyepieces, foot pedals and C-mount adapters. Having sturdy and reliable microscope accessories is crucial for high-quality and precision microscopic work. For more about microscopes, please visit our complete guide to microscopes.

    What are microscope accessories used for?

    Microscope accessories are easy to use with a range of microscope models. They are suited to a variety of applications, such as industrial inspections, medical analysis, quality control and other observation work.

    How to choose the right microscope accessories

    Microscope accessories are designed to enhance the function of a range of microscopes including digital, handheld or WiFi models. A stand permits handsfree operation and flexible use of a microscope. They come in different vertical heights to suit a range of object inspections. General-purpose eyepieces are suitable for varied applications and can be used when recording data or viewing specimens on a monitor. For handsfree image capture, a foot pedal allows snapshots to be taken throughout a project without having to move your hands from the microscope.

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