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    Radius Gauges

    A Radius Gauge sometimes called a Fillet Gauge is a tool used for measuring the radius of an object. The hand-held tools are made up of thin metal, (usually stainless steel) precision blades or leaves with rounded curves. The thin blades are screwed together and held together by a lock screw. RS offer a range of high-quality precision gauges from leading brands including Kleffmann & Weese and of course our own trusted RS PRO brand.

    What are the different types of radius gauges?

    The gauges are available in metric or imperial types and have the capability to check convex and concave profiles. A convex radius curve outwards and a concave radius curves inward.

    • Metric radius gauges with mm increments.
    • Imperial radius gauges with " inch increments.

    Where would you use a radius gauge?

    Radius gauges are used in many industrial and commercial pattern-making, precision machining and part inspection and measuring applications.

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