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    Modulator & Demodulator ICs

    A modulator circuit is a type of electrical circuit that merges two different signals in a way that they can later be pulled apart and the information obtained. Whereas, a demodulator circuit is an electrical circuit that is used to recover information from the modulated carrier wave.

    Modulator ICs

    Here at RS we sell a variety of Modulator ICs (integrated Circuits) that can be used in modulators also known as Modems. Modems are a hardware component that allows a computer or other applicable devices, such as switches or routers, to connect to the Internet. With our extensive range of leading brands such as Maxim Integrated, NXP and ON Semiconductor we offer the very best for our customers needs suitable for their devices.

    Demodulator ICs

    Demodulator ICs in modems is used to extract a serial digital data stream from one signal which is typically used to carry it through either a coaxial cable, telephone line for optical fiber. RS offers a variety of demodulator devices from leading electronic brands such as Analog Devices and Maxim Integrated.

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