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    Workbenches are typically heavy-duty tables designed specifically as a surface on which a range of different work types can be carried out. Varying in size, height and material, workbenches are typically designed to suit exactly the intended job or a selected series of jobs. A workbench may also feature storage for tools and supplies in various ways, such as shelves under or above the bench, drawers or cabinets built under or above the worktop, pegboards, tool racks and cupboards.

    A reliable workbench is essential is the centrepiece of any workshop or workspace, either for home-based DIY or in a purpose-made industry workspace. Whether they are used for woodworking, stripping an engine or repairing electronic devices, an appropriate workstation makes life easier and helps you to keep organised and productive while you work.

    Our workbenches range from robust, full steel frames and top benches to heavy-duty wooden worktop benches. Some benches come complete with optional expansions for wider working spaces or inbuilt storage solutions, such as shelves or under storage. Some models include a clamp for additional control over the project and the workspace.

    Made from a range of steel types, we have a workbench to suit almost any environment, application or industry, including Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) risk areas and portable workbenches. Our range features workbench kits, heavy-duty workbenches and adjustable workbenches, including products from leading brands such as Bott, Treston, Black & Decker and our very own RS PRO.

    Who uses workbenches?

    Workbenches are used in a lot of fabrication, engineering, DIY and industrial workspaces. They can be quite simple, serving as just a work surface on which processes can be carried out, or they can be fitted with specific work equipment and become a designated space for either a particular person or process. Alternatively, workbenches can be fitted with additional storage in which various tools can be kept, making the workspace versatile and adaptable.

    While workbenches can be found anywhere, they can be typically found in the following industries and spaces:

    • Woodworking and Carpentry
    • Laboratories and Scientific Test Sites
    • Metal Working
    • Electronics (ESD)
    • General Repair Work
    • Jewellery Making
    • Assembly Line Work
    • Warehouse Packing
    • Home Garages or Workshops for DIY
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