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    Transformer Accessories

    All have small transformers built into Electric appliances. You may have noticed that if you have any of Electric appliances at home, they get quite warm after a while if you have had them on for an extended period. The waste heat that all transformers produce can damage the transformer's insulation, in turn shortening its life, and making it much less reliable. That's why mounting kits are important - they keep the transformer away from other components and can provide the necessary insulation to prevent this.

    Not only that, with features like vibration isolation, adjustable hole patterns and stainless steel hardware, these mounts can be tailored to fit a wide range of items and settings. Professional users trust mounting kits because of their proven dependability and exceptional user experience - there's simply no better way to ensure security during every installation.

    Transformer Accessories

    Transformer accessories cover a wide variety of products that are designed to help provide added functionality and flexibility to electrical transformer systems. These valuable transformer accessories range from mounting kits to shrouds and Legrand DIN Rail clips, allowing the transformer to be adjusted exactly as you need, thereby ensuring its stability. In case, you have a toroidal transformer, RS offers a wide range of toroidal transformer mounting kits too with different mounting options.

    Let's start with the mounting kits.

    Mounting Kits

    Mounting kits are essential pieces of hardware for any professional installation project used for safely storing and mounting your transformer - devices used in electrical circuits to change the voltage of the current flowing through the circuit. These reliable, multi-purpose kits provide the necessary tools to securely mount components and equipment firmly to the wall or ceiling while eliminating the need for a variety of individual mounting hardware.

    They can also be used for chassis assembly (in vehicle frames) or in PCBs (printed circuit boards). Regardless of where you install them, mounting kits guarantee robust support and stability while helping save time and resources both during implementation and future renovations.

    Types of mounting kits

    There are many different types of mounting kits available, designed to securely install a wide range of transformers. Other types of mounting kits are also available such as a toroidal transformer mounting bracket - for a wide range of equipment and applications, including industrial machinery, lighting fixtures, and more.

    Shrouds for transformers

    Shrouds are a protective cover for enclosing a transformer or other electrical component. Shrouds are typically made of metal or durable plastic material, and they are used to protect the transformer from physical damage, as well as to prevent people from coming into contact with the transformer's electrical components.

    Types of shrouds

    Full shrouds: These shrouds completely enclose the transformer, providing maximum protection against physical damage and electrical hazards.

    Partial shrouds: These shrouds cover only part of the transformer, typically the top or sides, and are used to protect against physical damage while still allowing access to the transformer's electrical components.

    Removable shrouds: These shrouds can be easily removed to allow access to the transformer's electrical components, and then replaced to provide protection when needed.

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