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    Pneumatic Shuttle Valves

    Pneumatic shuttle valves are a type of valve component used in a range of industrial hydraulic and pneumatics systems. Shuttle valves are ideal for applications that require the simple operation of allowing fluid to flow from an outlet port via two inlet ports, while preventing flow to the other.

    Selecting the right pneumatic shuttle valve

    Pneumatic shuttle valves can be used in a range of industrial applications including operation of multiple switches on a machine, emergency and standby systems and much more. Some of the key factors to consider for these types of control valves are the logic function, connection type (threaded or tube) threaded connection and tube connection size. In addition, the operating pressure range is also a key element ensuring the shuttle valve can operate efficiently with the type of application.

    Whether it is air operated or fluid, at RS you will find a range of pneumatic shuttle valves in a number of profiles to suit your needs.

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