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    Pneumatic Piston Rod Cylinders

    Pneumatic piston rod cylinders consist of pistons in enclosures that generate linear motion. Their compact size and low weight range allow for shorter strokes than standard cylinders which make them suitable for positioning, clamping and ejecting smaller components.

    Single-acting pneumatic piston rod cylinders have one port through which compressed air enters to push the piston rod in one direction. Spring mechanisms then pull the rod back in the other direction, creating the linear movement. In double-acting pneumatic piston rod cylinders, the air is forced in and out through two different ports.

    What are pneumatic piston rod cylinders used for?

    Pneumatic piston rod cylinders can be used in various industrial environments, including for factory automation, transportation and packaging machinery. The compact size of these components makes them ideal for use in tight spaces and for small-bore and medium-duty applications.

    Types of pneumatic piston rod cylinders

    Pneumatic compact cylinders are available in two primary options:

    • Standard versions have infinite integration possibilities as they can be mounted on any moving machine part for assembly and clamping without the need for modifications.
    • Piston rod versions feature retractable pistons and elastic pneumatic cushioning which enable smoother movements of machinery.
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