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    Safety Goggles

    Eye Protection is a requirement under Regulation 4 of Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulation 1992 when at risk in a hazardous area. Employers must provide personal protective equipment (PPE) that offers suitable protection to personnel exposed to potential health risks. You can find out more about safety goggles and protective eyewear through a search on, or browse through RS's comprehensive safety goggles guide below.

    Goggles or safety glasses are forms of eyewear that protect the area surrounding the eyes to protect them from water, dust, particles, bright light, flying glass shards, chemical splashes, smoke and corrosive liquids. Many different types of industries use safety goggles. These include:

    • Chemistry and research labs
    • Woodworking industries
    • Soldering/welding workshops
    • Aviation
    • Construction and building sites

    Type of Safety Goggles

    There are different types of goggles available: Direct Ventilation, Indirect Ventilation and Non-Vented Safety Goggles.

    • Direct Ventilation - allows the direct flow of air into the goggle. In cases where impact is the hazard, and a splash or vapour hazard does not exist, a direct vented goggle can be used as an appropriate level of protection.
    • Indirect Ventilation - protects from splash entry by a hooded or covered vent. The vented portion of the goggle is designed so that no direct straight-line passage exists from the exterior to the interior of the goggle. The purpose of indirect venting is to limit or prevent the passage of liquid splash into the goggle. In cases where chemical splash is a hazard, indirect vented goggles should be selected as appropriate protection.
    • Non-Vented Safety Goggles - have no venting of any kind and offer protection against the passage of dust, mist, liquid and vapours.

    Safety Goggle Lenses

    Besides variations in the types of goggles available, lenses also come in different materials such as Glass, Plastic, Acetate, and Polycarbonate. Polycarbonate lenses provide the highest level of protection from impact, maximising the safety of its user. Meanwhile, some offer UV protection, anti-scratch and anti-mist function, and can be tinted or clear. While these goggles do not come with degree lenses, prescription glasses can be worn under these goggles.

    Get Reliable Goggles to Protect Your Eyes with RS

    At RS, your safety is our top priority. That is why we offer a wide range of safety goggles rigorously tested against the most stringent industry standards to ensure that you are equipped with only the best products that protect your eyes in any work environment. Not only do our goggles meet the standards for performance, but they are also designed for optimal comfort even when worn above your prescription glasses. The glowing reviews from our customers on google is a testament to our commitment to producing quality eyewear that offers excellent protection and comfort, all at an affordable price. Add our safety goggles to your cart today!

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