Potentiometer Knobs

A potentiometer knob is an accessory that is used as a control knob for a potentiometer.

How do they work?
Many potentiometers knobs are simply push on and can easily be fitted to the potentiometer shaft. Others use a fixing such as a nut, grub screw or blind set screw to fix them in place. The knob can be used to turn the potentiometer, like a volume control knob on a stereo.

What different types are there?
A huge variety of potentiometer knobs are available to suit virtually any application. When choosing the right knob for your potentiometer, you must always check the shaft diameter of the potentiometer. This helps to narrow your options down. Most knobs are cylindrical, but rectangular shaped knobs are available for slider potentiometers. Potentiometer knobs are available in different colours.
Some potentiometer knobs feature a small skirt at the bottom, which can have numbers around it. Others feature a pointer or coloured indicator, which can be helpful for seeing how far a potentiometer has been turned.
Some potentiometer knobs are also multi-turn. They may feature a locking mechanism and a turn counter which shows the number of rotations of the potentiometer knob.
The material that the knob is manufactured from can help you to determine whether it is suitable for your application. Potentiometers knobs are commonly manufactured from plastic (often with a brass insert) or aluminium, and some have soft touch rubber finishes.

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Description Price Shaft Size Knob Diameter Shaft Type Knob Height Body Colour Indicator Colour Depth For Use With Knob Type Material
RS Stock No. 2509171909
Mfr. Part No.409P2B
- - - - - - - - - -
RS Stock No. 2509172766
Mfr. Part No.PVL-19B-1
- - - - - - - - - -
RS Stock No. 2509172564
Mfr. Part No.MS91528-2P2B (90-4-2G)
- - - - - - - - - -
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