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    Piezoelectric Miniature Speakers

    Piezoelectric miniature speakers are devices that amplify an audio signal using piezoelectricity - a type of electric charge created when certain materials, such as ceramic, are placed under mechanical stress. They are distinguished from other types of speakers by their small size.

    How do piezoelectric miniature speakers work?

    Piezoelectric miniature speakers function via the piezoelectric element inside them. A voltage is applied to the piezoelectric element and a movement is generated. The movement is then converted into an audible noise through the use of ceramic resonators and diaphragms. They are often used in speaker systems found in computers and portable radios. Their advantage is that they can deal with a relatively high electrical load, and they are simpler to set up than other types of speakers.

    Types of piezoelectric miniature speakers

    Piezoelectric miniature speakers vary in terms of their capacitance, frequency range and sound level. They also have different connection methods, whether solder pads or simply glue. The speakers may be of different sizes, too, which affects the sound they can produce.

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