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    Poly V Belts

    Poly V belts are used for the transmission of power from one source to another. They are the most common type of drive belt due to their combination of traction, load distribution, speed transfer and long-life performance.

    Poly belts have a combination of high flexibility and the light weight of a normal belt, coupled with the grip of a V belt making them ideal for use in numerous applications. They transmit the torque by contact of the belt rib flanks and the pulley grooves.Belt drives are able to operate within a wide range of temperatures, even environments with a particularly high humidity range. The poly v belts provide a smooth-running drive system with low vibration levels, as well as supporting more difficult drive configurations due to the high level of flexibility. Poly V belts are economical, and the thin cross-section allows for use with smaller v belt pulleys, as well as back idler pulleys.Poly V belts are constructed with synthetic rubber ribs with an embedded compound in between each rib, at the end of the ribs are polyester tension members with a polyamide cover backing. V ribbed belts can transmit more power than a flat belt of a similar length or width, these are excellent when high speed drives are required in a small space.

    Applications of V Belts

    These drive belts can be used on a wide range of applications from cooling towers, forklift trucks, cement mixers to an indoor fitness bike and other household appliances.

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