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    Low Bay & High Bay Lighting

    Bay lighting applies to lighting fixtures with high wattage requirements that are typically installed in large areas with high ceilings. Bay lighting is designed to provide bright illumination over a large space when installed in higher ceiling positions, which is why the require a higher power wattage in order to create the same level of light as that generated by normal ceiling lights in offices and other rooms. High visibility is important, especially when working in warehouses or storage facilities for both the safety of employees and high accuracy when picking items from shelving units.

    Depending on the height of the space you are lighting, you may require low bay lighting or high bay lighting. We have both fixture heights available in our range of bay lighting products, which features industry-leading brands such as LEDVANCE, Philips Lighting, Sylvania and our own brand RS PRO.

    Do I need low bay or high bay lighting?

    The key to distinguishing which bay lighting fixture you require is knowing the height of the area you wish to install the lights into. High bay fixtures are typically installed in areas with a ceiling height of 20 feet or greater, whereas low bay fixtures are used for ceiling heights between 12 and 20 feet high.

    Where is bay lighting used?

    Bay lighting is used in large indoor spaces, such as sports gymnasiums, warehouses, hangars, factory floors. performance halls and exhibition spaces. Bay lights provide bright illumination for these spaces which could not be achieved with standard lighting. Whether high bay fixtures or low bay fixtures are used depends on the height of the ceiling.

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