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    Trace Heating Cable

    Introducing Trace heating cables - also known as heat trace cable, cold weather cable and floor heating wire -, the premium solution for maintaining temperature-critical processes in industrial applications. Constructed with highly durable materials to ensure a long life for your system, trace heating cables provide reliable temperature control and are designed to withstand the toughest conditions.

    What is Trace Heating Cable?

    Trace heating cables are electric heating elements designed to provide focused and controllable heat used to prevent pipes, outdoor taps and gutters from freezing, or to maintain a desired temperature on pipes to keep liquids moving. Constructed from thermoplastic layers containing a self-regulating heating element and two adjacent bus wires, they are often used in industrial applications where it is necessary to provide localised heat to a specific area. These cables can also be used in residential applications for things like basement or crawlspace insulation or for preventing frozen pipes.

    Types of Trace Heating Cables

    There are several types of trace heating cables on the market today, each with their own unique properties. For example, self-regulating cables use insulation material with a thermistor embedded within it which changes resistance as the temperature changes — this allows the cable to automatically adjust its power output based on external temperatures. Mineral insulated cables are also available; these use magnesium oxide powder instead of insulation material in order to better conduct heat throughout the entire length of a pipe or vessel. Finally, there are constant wattage cables which have no thermal compensation built in; they are used primarily in environments where temperatures remain consistent and can be set manually according to user preference.

    How Does Trace Heating Work?

    Trace heating cables are created by placing a semi conductive self-regulating heating matrix around two bus wires, one live and one neutral. When power is connected to these bus wires the matrix receives either voltage, causing it to heat up. The self-regulating cable technology also means you get unparalleled accuracy in controlling the temperature of your components, whether that's products, pipes or more. With a low profile design, you don't need to worry about bulky wire cluttering up your workstation or causing safety issues. Plus, these cables are both waterproof and flame retardant, making them ideal for use in moist environments.

    How Are They Used?

    Featuring superior flexibility, trace heating cables can wrap around various shapes for complex installations — while still providing consistent heat coverage. Additionally, they are easy to install on pipework, tanks or vessels using cable ties, aluminium or glass fibre tape or a suitable adhesive prior to covering with insulation.

    Buy Trace Heating Cables at RS

    Trace heating cables are an invaluable tool for businesses that need reliable temperature control regardless of external conditions - especially in cold temperatures where frozen liquids can cause costly delays if left unchecked. It offers cost-effective solutions for maintaining ideal temperatures inside pipes and vessels without needing complex installation procedures or expensive professional assistance. If you're looking for budget-friendly solutions that don't sacrifice quality performance results, shop our heat tracing cables, heat tapes and heat tracing kit from RS today at affordable prices.

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