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    What are Thermal Gap Pads?

    Thermal Pads are made from silicone polymer to form a thermal pad material and act as a shock dampener that provides an effective thermal interface between heat sinks and electronic devices.

    They are offered in sheet form and can be cut to adhere to specific size requirements to accommodate a number of components in various applications. Thin gap fillers are usually used to expand the efficiency of heat sinks. Thick thermal gap fillers are generally used to conduct heat to chassis or electronic enclosures.

    Thermal Gap Pads are available in a range of thermal conductivity levels and materials such as Acrylic, Fibreglass, Graphite, Silicone and numerous plastic variants.The Thermal Pads are excellent for sealing air gaps across inconsistent surfaces and provide efficient thermal transfer.

    How do Thermal Gap Pads work?

    The thermally conductive pad's soft structure offers high conformability to lessen interface resistance. The thermal gap filler adapts to the irregularities between the surface which eliminates air pockets and creates a thermal bridge. In addition to effective heat dissipation, Thermal Interface Pads also help reduce vibration stress for shock dampening. By keeping the internal components of electronic products from wear and tear resulting from high circuit board temperatures, thermal pads help to provide extended longevity.

    They are also important in providing safety by eliminating the possibility of electrical fires. Thermal pads become soft at high temperatures which means they can fill imperfections in the surface for better conduction qualities and to minimise potential damage to components.

    Applications for Petlier Modules include:

    • To sit between a semiconductor and heat sink
    • Hard drive cooling
    • Military
    • Applied to DDR SDRAM in computers
    • Signal amplifiers

    They possess some key features including

    • Extremely long life
    • High performance
    • Durable and flexible
    • Easy to install and maintain
    • Safe and convenient

    Browse the broad range of Thermal Pads RS have to offer and order today for next day delivery

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