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    Pfannenberg Filter Fans

    What are Filter Fans?

    Filter fans are air conditioning equipment designed to aerate equipment enclosures, keeping them cool and well-ventilated to protect sensitive electrical components and equipment.The fan circulates air throughout the enclosure and assists with environmental temperature control, protecting the internal electrical equipment from overheating, while the filter captures harmful airborne particles to prevent dust from collecting inside the enclosure, which may cause further damage to the equipment.

    Why are filter fans used?

    Air fan filters are often used in retrofit installations in electrical cabinets and enclosures where excessive heat may develop due to a high density of equipment. They work by removing warm air from inside the enclosure, and filtering in force-cooled air from outside the unit. This maintains a cool temperature inside the enclosure or cabinet to prevent sensitive components or equipment from the damaging effects of overheating. The design of fan filters, sometimes referred to as an enclosure fan filter is optimised for diagonal airflow, maximising heat dissipation from servers and power supply equipment.

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