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    Screw Insulators

    A screw insulator can also be known as a shoulder washer.

    The screw insulator is designed to insulate screws, rivets or wire from an assembly.

    Features and Benefits of a screw insulator

    • Thermally insulate a screw from making metal to metal contact

    • Reduce Vibration

    • Act as Spacers and Guides

    • Are Strong and Corrosion Resistant

    • Can be Used as Seal in Some Applications

    Why and when to use a screw insulator?

    Screw insulators can be inserted into a housing to provide a bearing surface for rotary applications.

    The flange on the screw insulator is used to locate the bushing when it is installed or to provide a thrust bearing surface.

    Screw Insulators are used to prevent heat flow through the screw to other parts of the thermal assembly.

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