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    Vacuum Cleaners

    Vacuums are appliances which are designed to clean flooring and other materials such as hard floors, carpet and upholstery using suction. They suck up and lift away dust, dirt and other small particles. They are often referred to as a Hoover, a name of a brand that had a popular line of vacuums in the 20th century.

    What types of vacuum cleaners are there?

    Upright vacuum cleaners usually have a bigger head covering a larger surface area, making them ideal for large carpeted floors. Their size offers a larger capacity, so you don’t have to empty them as often. Upright vacuums are better for long term use as they do not require you to bend over, which could affect your back in the long term.Wet/Dry vacuum cleaners can suck up both wet and dry debris. These are most popular in industrial environments where you may be required to clean both liquid spillages and dust/dirt. This type of vacuum is considered a multi-floor cleaner.Cordless vacuum cleaners can vary in size and power. Because they are cordless they are often battery-powered and rechargeable. A cordless vacuum is great for portability as you do not have to keep moving the plug to different sockets as you move. These often come in the application of a cordless handheld vacuum.Handheld vacuums are often much smaller than others. They are usually battery powered and contain a small bag or dust box. They are ideal for use in small areas for quick clean-ups.

    Are bagless vacuum cleaners better than bagged?

    Vacuum cleaners will be either bagged or bagless. Bagged means that the debris lifted away by the vacuum is stored inside a separate bag, attached to the vacuum. This bag is replaceable and must be changed once full.Bagless cleaners store the debris inside a cup or chamber. This is then emptied straight from the vacuum cleaner. The benefit is that you do not have to buy additional bags. However, there are more parts to the bagless vacuums, for example filters.RS has a range of vacuums, brought to you from leading brands. You'll find Karcher Vacuums and Karcher Window Vac, Bosch vacuum Cleaners, Numatic Vacuums (Henry Hoover, Hetty Hoover) and of course our trusted own brand RS Pro.

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