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    Broom Holders & Cleaning Shadow Boards

    Brush holders and shadow boards are great to tidy cleaning equipment away and keep everything all organised for using next. Having a cleaning station allows for efficiency because of the brooms and mops having one place whilst maintaining a professional appearance. When cleaning its important equipment such as brooms or brushes, dustpans and mops are tidied away after every use, otherwise it could be a health and safety hazard within a busy workplace.

    Shadow boards are also a brilliant innovation to hold all cleaning equipment in one place that's organised and easy to pick up. The boards are made up of simple holders or hooks to place your cleaning equipment on to ensure a tidy work place. Shadow boards are also colour coded to avoid any cross contamination within food industries. One important feature of shadow boards is that they allow you to identify if any cleaning equipment is missing.

    RS has a large range of brush or broom, mop, dustpan or complete shadow boards from reliable and trusted brand like Vikan, Rubbermaid and our very own brand RS PRO.

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