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    Steel Shims

    A shim is a thin piece of material used to fill small gaps or spaces between object or to make a surface flush or level. In industry parts of machines can get worn away or ground down over time resulting in loss of functionality. To reduce this wear and tear shims can be fitted between machinery components for adjustment or alignment and so improve the functionality and mechanical life of the machine.

    Steel Shim Rolls and Shim Sheets

    Shims can be purchased pre-cut into specific shapes or made from shim stock sheets or coiled shim stock rolls. Shim sheets and rolls are made from thin sheets of metal that are manufactured to precise tolerances. The sheets or rolls can be cut into individual customized shapes for use in specific applications. Shim rolls are easy to form and fabricate and can be cut, stamped, bored, milled, sheared and drilled into any shape to make custom shims. Shim stock sheets can have a design stencilled on them which can then be cut out. Stainless steel shim stock is ideal for making spring clips, retainers and washers.

    Uses of Steel Shims

    • Precision adjustments and alignments in machinery
    • Tool and die set up
    • Machine repair
    • Machine maintenance
    • Mounting of motor pumps and other machinery
    • Prototype work


    Steel shims, shim rolls and shim sheets are made from different grades of steel and steel thicknesses. Stainless steel offers good corrosion resistance, strength and fabrication characteristics.

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