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    Plastic Enclosures

    General purpose enclosures are non-specific storage devices that have been created and designed to house and protect a large range of equipment, in most cases this equipment is electronics. As the name suggests, these general purpose enclosures are fit for general purpose. The enclosures can sometimes be referred to as a "Multi-Purpose Enclosure", this is due to them being used for a different number of functions and multiple purposes.

    Different types of General Purpose Enclosures

    The type of enclosure that you chose is entirely dependent on the application that you are using it for. Our range of general purpose enclosures feature a variety of different materials, such as aluminium, plastic and fibreglass with some of these being reinforced, flame resistant and corrosion free. Our aluminium enclosures are available in a variety of types such as aluminium alloy and die-cast aluminium. We also have a range of different:

    • Gasket materials
    • Dimensions and sizes
    • Different IP ratings, such as IP65, IP54 and IP66. To find out more about IP ratings, please read our detailed IP Rating Guide
    • Variety of colours
    • Flanged options for mounting purposes
    • Some of the enclosures feature ventilation, display windows and chassis plates

    Typical applications of General Purpose Enclosures?

    An enclosure can be adapted and used for a whole host of different uses and general purposes, but their main purpose is to provide protection for electronics or other items held within the enclosure. Due to the nature of some of the enclosures and the adaptability, they can be mounted onto walls with security accessories added - making them the perfect solution to use in an environment needing an added layer of security.

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