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    Enclosure Covers & Plates

    Enclosure Mounting consists of products that are used to attach different types of enclosures to a wall or other surfaces allowing enclosures to be stored up off the floor. Enclosures often need to be mounted to the wall in order to save space or to provide the enclosed equipment with greater protection.

    Types of Enclosure Mounting

    Enclosure Mounting Plates - Mounting plates, mounting boards or chassis plates are a type of enclosure accessory ideal for installing electrical parts and components inside enclosures, allowing you to enhance the internal configuration when mounting to a wall or surface. They are manufactured using a variety of materials including steel and plastic and can often be customised. Enclosures and mounting plates are used in a wide range of industrial applications.Enclosure Mounting Brackets- Mounting brackets are fixed against the surface of the enclosure and will usually come with the screws and fasteners and will require a screwdriver or drill in order to install or mount the enclosure.Mounting Rails - Mounting rails allow for equipment to be rack-mounted inside of the enclosure.

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