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    Server Cabinets

    Server cabinets, sometimes called data cabinets or server rack cabinets, are a type of storage for rack mount servers.

    What Are Server Cabinets?

    They are essentially storing facilities that house critical IT systems, like servers, hard disk drives, and cables. More than simple boxes, these computer racks allow you to provide sufficient cooling to systems, preventing overheating, lengthening the lifespan of your PC. The majority can house 19" server racks (industry standard sizing). Server cabinets and computer cabinets are offered in a range of heights to suit the number of racks you want to mount and can be open frame or enclosed. RS offers an extensive range of high-quality rackmount cases from leading brands like Schroff and Schneider Electric.

    Why Choose a Server Cabinet?

    One of the key benefits to mounting your server rack into a cabinet is security. Safeguarding your network and data is essential and using a computer cabinet helps to protect the hardware on which your network is built.

    Rack cabinets often have a number of integrated features including power management and distribution, cable management and network connectivity. This means that when you need to expand your network it is simply a case of mounting a new server into the existing cabinet.

    Some server cabinets provide special features such as soundproofing. Soundproof server cabinets can be utilised within office space without the need for a separate room, as the noise generated by servers will be reduced.

    Open Frame Rack Cabinet or Closed Frame?

    Open frame cabinets offer superior cooling with greater air flow and circulation. However, enclosed network racks are much more secure and provide more protection to the racks inside. They often have lockable and removable doors and some feature a glass front. Closed frame server cabinets tend to have a mesh design to still allow for air flow.


    Rack units are commonly abbreviated to just U and are the measure of server size. Each unit is 1.75 inches or 44.5 mm tall. Individual server racks are typically 1U, 2U, 3U or 4U high. Some units are supplied as half racks, where they are the same height but half the width of a standard unit.

    When choosing the cabinet for your application you should consider the number of server racks you want to mount.

    Small data cabinets cater for servers from 1U up to 10U

    Medium data cabinets accommodate 11U servers to 25U servers

    Large data cabinets accommodate 26U servers and above

    Mounting Types

    The most common mounting types of network cabinets are wall mount, floor standing or desktop. Wall mount data rack cabinets and desktop data cabinets are ideal for smaller network installations. Freestanding data cabinets tend to house a much higher number of network installations that require more space.

    Explore Server Racking and Computer Cabinet Solutions Now

    RS is your go-to distributor of electrical, automation and cables. Besides server cabinets that let you mount racks, RS also offers other server racking solutions. Manage and organise your network cables with our rack cable management solutions. House your routers, computers, switches and other hardware with our rackmount cases.

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