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    LED Lenses & Reflectors

    The primary optic for an LED only gives directional light 180 degrees. Because it is too broad of a light for most applications, the LED light begins to lack intensity over distance. To alter the radius and get a more focused intensity, it is necessary to add a secondary lens and/or reflectors.

    LED lenses are designed for use with single or multiple LEDs. The lens sit over the LED to create the desired lighting effect.

    They can offer a nice aesthetic appearance by masking the LED components within.

    Shapes of LED Lenses

    • Dome

    • Hexagon

    • Rectangular

    • Round

    • Square

    Clear or diffused Lens?

    Clear lenses provide a crisp-edged beam of light.

    Diffused lens has a softer edge. Diffusion can also offer a more uniform light output when multiple LEDs are used.

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