Fibre Optic Adapters

What is a Fibre optic adapter?RS Components offer a wide selection of fibre optic adapters. A fibre optic adapter is used to connect and align two fibre optic connectors together. They are used to bridge the gap between a cable to cable fibre connections and sometimes known as a mating sleeve or a hybrid adapter. They come in different connection variations, either, single, double or sometimes quad. This is commonly known as single-mode or multi-mode fibre cable connection. How does it work?Fibre optic connections can provide a more accurate alignment for the tips of the connectors rather than using traditional connection methods such as soldering. Single-mode adapters offer more precise alignment and can also be used to connect multi-mode cables. Multi-mode adapters should not be used to connect single-mode cables as this can cause alignment problems resulting in a loss of signal strength. The most important element of a fibre optic adapter is the alignment sleeve. Bronze sleeves tend to provide more durability with the precision not as good, ceramic sleeves provide better precision alignment with durability not as good. Bronze sleeves are typically used in multi-mode adapters where precision is not as important.What different types are there?There are many types of fibre optic adapters, the most common connectors available, SC-to-SC, ST-to-ST, or FC-to-FC–and different styles of connectors. The latter devices are referred as hybrid adapters and typically used to join ST and SC connectors.

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Description Price Connector Type Single/Multimode Simplex/Duplex Fibre Size Maximum Cable Diameter Colour Insertion Loss Housing Material Connector Type A Connector Type B Series Series Number
RS Stock No. 167-2842
Mfr. Part No.944 120 6000
FC to PC Single Mode Simplex - - - 0.15dB Zirconium Dioxide FC PC - -
RS Stock No. 782-0858
Mfr. Part No.5502776-8
SC Multimode, Single Mode Duplex - - Blue - Plastic SC SC 5502776 5502776-8
RS Stock No. 878-2454
Mfr. Part No.J68071A0000
LC to LC Multimode Duplex - - - 0.2dB Brass LC LC TOC -
RS Stock No. 822-3251
Mfr. Part No.106152-0100
- Multimode, Single Mode - - - - - Metal FC FC 106152 100
RS Stock No. 164-4907
Mfr. Part No.6278348-3
Each (In a Box of 10)
SC to SC Multimode, Single Mode Simplex - - - - Metal SC SC - -
RS Stock No. 751-1490
Mfr. Part No.HFBR-4515Z
Each (In a Pack of 2)
POF to POF - Simplex - - Blue - - POF POF - -
RS Stock No. 178-3034
Mfr. Part No.HFBR-4505Z
Each (In a Bag of 500)
POF to POF - Simplex - - Grey - - POF POF - -
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