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    SIL Sockets

    SIL (Single In-Line) sockets are the enclosures that hold IC (Integrated Circuit) packages such as memory chips or resistors on a PCB (Printed Circuit Board). The socket has a housing and a single line of contacts (connecting pins) attached to the PCB via through-hole mounting.

    What are SIL sockets used for

    SIL sockets are commonly used in circuit boards with short lead pins, like servers or desktop computers. These sockets are helpful in cases where the IC packages cannot be soldered directly onto the PCBs.

    SIL sockets are used to house multi-headed power packages like heat sinking tabs or audio amplifiers. They are typically found in PCBs with memory modules, and are used in smaller applications like resistor arrays and diodes. The sockets can also be used in larger components like oscillators and timers.

    Types of SIL Sockets

    There are many SIL socket options available with different sizes and purpose attributes. These sockets have either horizontal or vertical connection orientations, which refer to the location where the sockets connect to the PCB.

    SIL sockets are further categorised by dimensions, voltage and current carrying capacities (ratings), as well as by mounting types.

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