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    Battery Testers

    Battery testers, sometimes called voltage meters, are electronic testers used to test a wide variety of batteries to ensure the batteries are functioning correctly and, where rechargeable, check that they are retaining their charge effectively. Battery testers are easy to use and are designed to provide simple and easy-to-understand readouts for assurance of a battery's power. Our range includes leading brands such as ACT Meter, Ansmann, Beha-Amprobe, BK-Precision, Fluke, Hioki, Midtronics TecMate, and RS PRO. Learn more in our complete guide to battery testers.

    When can I use a battery tester?Battery testers can be used on almost any kind of battery. Before you attempt to test a battery, you must ensure the tester is compatible with the specific battery type you are using. Smaller multi-testers can test a larger variety of battery sizes from a small button cell battery through to large automotive and car batteries.

    What is battery chemistry?

    Battery chemistry is the physical make up of a battery. Common battery chemistries include Alkaline, Lithium-Ion (Li-ion), Nickel-cadmium (NiCd), and Lead Acid. While there is a wide variety in available types of battery chemistry, these common kinds cover most household batteries, such as AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V. Car batteries are often lead-acid, so ensuring your tester is compatible is key to safe testing conditions.

    Popular Battery Testers

    • AA battery tester
    • Lithium battery tester
    • Domestic battery tester
    • 12 V Battery Tester


    Battery testers are used by many industry professionals to determine the condition of batteries and how much power they are holding, including:

    • Technicians
    • Electrical servicing engineers
    • Auto mechanics
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