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    Multi Function Sensors

    What are Multi-Function Sensors?

    Multi-function sensors, sometimes referred to as smart sensors, are designed with particular behaviours to suit specialist applications. They are referred to as Multi-Function Sensors as they can provide a combination of several functions in different applications such as environment control, health monitoring, and premises security.

    An example would be ensuring a business premises is kept comfortable for personnel. A smart sensor would be a vital part of the facilities systems by being able to measure air quality, temperature and humidity and alter heating and air conditioning as required.

    Multi-Function Sensors can even measure ambient light levels and adjust smart lighting accordingly. Consequently, a good multi-function sensor can improve efficiency and save costs on energy bills.

    The uses of Smart Sensors aren't solely limited to environmental control. Sleep tracking multi-function sensors can keep track of pulse, breathing and body movement to collect vital health information.

    Types of Multi-Function Sensors

    • Humidity Sensor - A humidity sensor is a device that detects and measures water vapour in the form of an electric signal, useful for HVAC and smart building and facilities management.
    • AC Current Sensor - AC Current sensors are used for measuring alternating current. This type of sensor can be clamped around either a live or neutral wire to see how much current is passing through.
    • Sleep Monitor Sensor - Piezo film sleep sensor monitors respiratory rate, heart rate, physical activity, deep sleep, light sleep time and other parameters and can be installed under a mattress so as not to contact the user.

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