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    Omron Speed/Standstill Monitoring Safety Relay, 24V dc

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    Discontinued product
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    G9SX-SM, Safety Relays, Standstill Monitoring

    The G9SX-SM standstill monitoring relay with solid state outputs is based on Back EMF operation for two- and three phase systems.

    Ready to use - covering all standard applications without additional setup
    Easy integration in star- and delta wiring
    Clear LED diagnosis of all inputs and outputs
    Applicable up to Category 4 acc. EN 954-1


    EN 954-1

    G9SX-SM Sensor-less Safety Monitoring Module.

    • Solid state outputs
    • Operation for two and three phase systems.
    • Easy integration in Star and Delta wiring.
    • Clear LED status of all in and outputs.
    • Standstill can be monitored even when there is no space to install a sensor.
    • No sensor required. G9SX-SM detects back electromotive force (BEMF) generated when the motor rotates identifying when the motor is rotating or in standstill.
    • Ready to use standard configuration. No sensitivity adjustment required. User configuration is also available for fine tuning (manual adjustment).
    • Applicable to inverter controlled systems.
    • Can be used with an inverter, no malfunction due to the inverters dynamic brake or auto-tuning functions.
    • No difficult settings required.
    • Covers all standard applications.

    G9SX-SM032-RC Safety sensor-less monitoring Standstill Machines Long Inertia.

    • Safety standstill detection output 3
    • Auxiliary output 2
    • Rated voltage 24 V dc
    • Spring Cage, terminal block type.

    Features and Benefits.

    • Rated supply voltage 24 V dc.
    • Operating voltage range -15% to 10% of rated supply voltage.
    • Power consumption 4 W max. (power consumption of loads not included).
    • Rated input voltage standstill detection input (between Z1 and Z2 and between Z3 and Z4) 480 V ac max. (120 Hz max).
    • Internal impedance standstill detection input approx. 660 KΩ.
    • EDM input approx 2.8 KΩ
    • Output safety standstill detection PNP, load current 0.3 A dc max.
    • Auxiliary output (output monitor/error) PNP, load current 100 mA dc max.
    • Over-voltage category (IEC/EN 60664-1_ III
    • Response time 50 ms max.
    • Detection voltage standard configuration 10 mV max. User configuration 100 mV max.
    • Maximum cable length for stand-still detection inputs 100 m max.
    • Vibration resistance frequency 10 to 55 to 10 Hz. 0.375 mm single amplitude, 0.75 mm double amplitude.
    • Mechanical destruction shock resistance 300 m/s².
    • Mechanical malfunction shock resistance 100 m/s².
    • Weight 200 g
    • PLe / Safety Category 4 (ISO13849-1)


    Supply Voltage24V dc
    FunctionSpeed/Standstill Monitoring
    Terminal TypeCage Clamp
    Safety Category4
    Discontinued product