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    Your Smart Choice for Automation Efficiency

    Your Smart Choice for Automation Efficiency

    RS PRO, the own brand of RS, offers a wide range of quality products across all industries.

    Looking for efficiency? Don't miss out on RS PRO's newest products!

    Keep your production line fully efficient, ensuring effectiveness and energy savings. RS PRO offers you a complete set of products across multiple technologies to help you maximise automation efficiency daily.

    Make RS PRO your choice for Automation Efficiency

    Energy Meters

    Monitor the efficiency of your plant while keeping an eye on energy savings - a reliable selection of Energy Meters, by RS PRO. Available for DIN Rail and panel mounting.

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    Power Management

    From DIN Rail to Embedded Switch Mode Power Supplies, up to Power Monitors - RS PRO covers your every need.

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    Inverter Drives

    Start, stop and control your AC motors more efficiently with a great value variable speed inverter drive from RS PRO.

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    Conquering the Automated Tower

    The new RS PRO-BOT adventure is fresh out of the box!

    The safety harness is already buckled up and ready to go - just follow it on a tour of automation efficiency devices along the packing line.

    Our 3 pillars: quality, choice and value

    3 Pillars of quality

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    Take a closer look at what makes RS PRO the smart choice for you.