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    We're sorry we're out of Raspberry Pi, but we have a great Raspberry Pi Alternative

    Try our Single Board Computer alternative: OKdo ROCK

    Meet OKdo ROCK: A New Era of Single Board Computers

    Enabling new possibilities across almost any industry...

    OKdo ROCK is a game-changer in the world of SBCs and an excellent Raspberry Pi alternative. Whether you're looking to reimagine retail, revolutionise traditional agriculture, automate industrial manufacturing or make buildings more energy-efficient, OKdo ROCK has you covered.

    With its flexible storage and connectivity options, and exceptional software compatibility including Debian, Ubuntu, and Android, OKdo ROCK gives you the freedom to choose the software that best suits your needs. No limitations, just endless possibilities.

    OKdo ROCK comparison Raspberry Pi

    Eager to see how OKdo ROCK compares to Raspberry Pi?

    Check out our comprehensive comparison chart to delve into the technical specifications of each board and discover why OKdo ROCK can be the ideal alternative to Raspberry Pi 4 and 3.

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    Discover the new range of reliable and robust SBCs created by our sister company OKdo, which specialises in IoT and SBCs, in partnership with Radxa. These boards deliver high performance with ensured long-term stock availability. Discover some of the line-up below and start ROCKing your next project today!

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