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    Voltage Testers

    Voltage testers also known as voltage indicators and electricity testers are essential pieces of test equipment for electricians that measure ac/dc voltage and continuity. They are small hand-held devices that give the user an instant and clear indication if a circuit is live and provides you peace of mind when it comes to ensuring your safety. Voltage testers are used by electrical engineers for electrical installation and servicing in domestic, commercial, and industrial applications and are essential devices for testing connections and breaks in cables.

    Voltage testers and indicators include a wide range of display features such as LED lights and audible signals to alert the engineer when live voltage is present. Some voltage indicators can also feature LCD display screens, informing the user that the line is powered and must be shut off before working with electricity. Our range of voltage testers have been sourced from leading brands such as Beha-Amprobe, Chauvin Arnoux, Gossen Metrawatt, Martindale, John Drummond, Testo, Fluke and many more ensuring we have the ideal testing solution for your applications.

    Types of voltage testers

    Voltage testers are available in many different styles and sizes suited for different needs. The small electrical pen testers can be carried in a pocket or tool bag with ease. Types include:

    • Voltage detector pen or Volt stick
    • Non-contact Voltage Testers
    • Two pole voltage testers

    Why would you use a voltage tester?

    By using a voltage tester to establish if voltage is present means that you are complying with health and safety recommendations for safe electrical work. They are now available everywhere for people that work with electricity to be able to test the voltage levels of their circuits without risking being electrocuted themselves. They can used to:

    • Finding breaks in power cables
    • Checking plug wiring and fuses
    • Distinguishing between live and neutral wires
    • Determining live cables injunction boxes
    • Finding faulty switches
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