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    Pneumatic Push Buttons

    Pneumatic manual control valves form part of a pneumatic control system, allowing the operator to control the flow of air from one place to another. They are often constructed as modular devices, meaning multiple valves and contacts can be used in conjunction with one another to create many different system combinations. Our range of pneumatic manual control valves features products from leading brands in the industry, including Festo, SMC, Norgren, Parker, EMERSON and RS PRO.

    What are pneumatic manual control valves used for?

    Pneumatic manual control valves have a number of different applications within an air flow system. They can be used for directional control, allowing for air to flow through a tube in one direction and not another, ensuring the smooth operation of the pneumatic system. Also used for pressure relief, manual control valves allow the maintenance of pressure within the system, diverting or releasing air to allow excess issue to dissipate to somewhere outside of the system. They can also be used more broadly for flow control, adjusting the amount of air let through the system.

    Types of pneumatic manual control valves

    Pneumatic manual control valves can vary according to a number of different characteristics, variations of which will be more suitable to different applications. One characteristic is the method of control, for example, which can take several different forms, including knobs, levers and foot pedals. Other variable characteristics include the number of ports and the number of positions. The material they are made from can also differ depending on their intended function.

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