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    Hydraulic Quick Connect Couplings

    Hydraulic quick connect couplings are robust and secure quick-action couplings designed for high-pressure operation with hydraulic applications. They provide a fast, convenient way to repeatedly connect and disconnect hydraulic fluid lines.

    Quick connect couplings are ideal for use with cylinders, pumps, and manifolds where hoses are frequently connected and disconnected. Male and female couplings connect to form a fluid-tight seal, helping to maximise hydraulic system productivity and avoid fluid spills. Couplings can be quickly connected or detached without the need for tools and will self-seal when released.

    What are hydraulic quick connect couplings used for?

    Hydraulic quick connect couplings are used in a diverse range of industries, including agriculture, construction, forestry and in food and chemical processing. Quick connect couplings are used with water and coolant lines and are suitable for use with mobile equipment. They're recommended for high cycle rates and pressure surges.

    Types of hydraulic quick connect couplings

    The male halves of couplings are known as 'nipples' or 'plugs' and the female halves as 'sockets'. This system is utilised in several valve styles including poppet or needle, flat-faced, ball-lock, roller-lock, pin lock, ring-lock and bayonet couplings.

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