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    UVC Lamps

    UVC lamps can also be called germicidal lamps they produce short-wave ultraviolet light. UV-C radiation is known for the disinfection of air, water, and some surfaces to reduce any risk infections from bacteria or viruses and protozoa. Therefore, the lamps can sterilise workplaces and tools. UVC lamps can be an ideal solution to ensure decontaminated air by cleaning HVAC components for environments such as hospitals or schools. Care must be taken however, when servicing these components, as the exposure to ultraviolet light can be hard to avoid, due to no natural avoidance. It's important to take all the safeguarding practices to avoid any harmful exposure to the ultraviolet light.

    Types of UVC lamps

    Low pressure lamps

    This germicidal lamp contains no fluorescence and is typically made from fused quartz. The ultraviolet light then passes out of the lamp (whereas, in common fluorescent lamps, it causes the phosphor to become fluorescent).

    High pressure lamps

    This type of lamps radiates a broad-band radiation, rather than a single line. High-pressure lamps produce dazzling white light and are regularly used in industrial water treatment.

    Light-emitting diodes (LEDS) 

    UV-C LEDs use semiconductor materials to produce light. The wavelength of the emission is adjustable by adjusting the chemistry of the semiconductor material, giving a selectivity to the emission profile of the LED.

    What are UV germicidal lamps used for?

    Germicidal lamps are used for a variety of different purposes. They can be used as sterilisers in workspaces and tools in biology and in wastewater treatment in order to kill microorganisms.

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